Why do we need to fix leaks and improper connections?


Fixing the leaks and improper connections that contribute excess water to our City's sanitary system helps us:

  • Decrease the need for and related costs of adding or upsizing sewer lines, treatment plants, and lift station
  • Prevent public health issues due to sewage backups
  • Eliminate higher treatment costs for additional chemicals and energy
  • Stay in compliance with environmental regulations

Excess rain and ground water in the City's aging sanitary sewer system significantly increases wastewater treatment costs and overloads the capacity of our sanitary sewer system. Many contributing sources are leaks and improper connections on private property, especially in older neighborhoods. The City's Ecoflow Program provides technicians and funding to locate and fix these problems. Depending on the location of your private property, you may be eligible to participate in the Ecoflow Program.

frequently asked questions

​The 8 year program area roughly includes the area east of Iowa Street and north of 23rd Street.  Each year or phase of the program will focus on a smaller sub-area.  Phase 1 of the program was concentrated on the area east of Haskell Avenue and West Hills Neighborhood.  Phase 2 covered the area between Connecticut and Haskell Avenue, with a northern boundary of 7th Street and southern boundary of 23rd Street. Phase 3 covered the area south of 14th Street between Barker and Louisiana Street with a southern border of Breezedale and Park Hill Neighborhoods. Phase 4 covers the area between Louisiana Street to Iowa excluding the KU campus, with a northern border of University and southern border of 23rd. 

private property rainwater reduction program

​I don't have a sump pump. Do I still need an private sewer evaluation?

​Yes, all properties in the project area need to be evaluated regardless of whether a sump pump is present.

What is the proposed Ecoflow project area?

Is it mandatory to participate in the program?

​​No, participation in the program is currently voluntary, but highly encouraged.  Your participation in the program will help reduce future utility rate increases and the City will make any needed improvement to your property at no cost to you.  If you do not participate in the program now, you may be required to pay for these improvements when you sell your home. 

What happens during an evaluation? 

The evaluation team will look at any sump pumps, foundation drains, roof downspouts, area drains and service lateral cleanouts on your property.  The evaluation will focus on the basement or crawl space and the exterior of the property.  The evaluation team will not look for or report any issue or code violation that is not directly associated with the sanitary sewer system. 

How much will property owners have to pay for eligible repairs?


Nothing! If your property is located in the Ecoflow Program area, the initial plumbing evaluation and any needed repairs area at NO COSTto you. Approved evaluation repair cost are paid by the City of Lawrence.

My property is in the Ecoflow Program area. How do I participate?

  • Contact the Ecoflow Program to schedule your FREE plumbing evaluation.
  • If the plumbing evaluation identifies eligible repairs, enroll in the Program.
  • After enrolling, select a participating plumber to make the approved repairs.
  • Approved repairs are inspected by Ecoflow Program technicians for satisfactory completion.
  • The cost of approved, satisfactory repairs are paid in full by the City's Ecoflow Program.